My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine:

Erika: Without a routine, you will fall into bad behaviors and bad thoughts that can lead you back into your depression.

  1. Get up with alarm at 4:30am and make coffee.
  2. Read “10 Things To Say To Myself Every Day”
  3. Read “Habits To Beat Bad Thoughts”
  4. Read Daily Devotional
  5. Read 15-30 minutes of New Testament
  6. Read “Depression Prayer”
  7. Make healthy breakfast for everyone
  8. Clean up breakfast mess
  9. Pick up morning mess
  10. Start and fold laundry
  11. Walk on treadmill (while reading inspirational quotes on Pinterest)
  12. Take shower and get ready for day
  13. Do activities with little one
  14. Play outside with little one
  15. Make healthy lunch
  16. Lay little one down for nap
  17. Journal ( thoughts, weight, food/water intake, quotes, blog ideas)
  18. Do specific chores for that day
  19. Do few things on “To Do List”
  20. Make healthy snacks for when big kids get home from school
  21. Read “10 Things To Say To Myself Every Day”
  22. Kids get home and eat snack
  23. Homework
  24. Do activity with kids
  25. Make dinner (kids take turn who helps)
  26. Go on family walk
  27. Everyone help cleanup from dinner
  28. Everyone do bedtime routine (showers, face, teeth, pjs)
  29. Kids reading time with mom
  30. Kids bedtime
  31. Blog

My bedtime.

** I have this printed out and put into a laminated sheet, to be able to cross off with a dry erase markers everyday.**

*** This is not intended to treat anyone’s depression, this is just my way of not getting too overwhelmed to start my day, or just waking up and giving up before I can start and choose to sit all day and think how depressed I am. ***

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