“10 Things To Tell Myself Everyday!”

“10 Things To Tell Myself Everyday!”

1.) I am fighting hard for the things I want most.

  • The longer I wait for something, the more I will appreciate it when it finally arrives.

  • Most great things DO NOT come easy.  But they are worth waiting and FIGHTING for.


2.) I am taking action NOW!!!

  • Many great things can be done in a day, if I don’t …. ALWAYS make that day tomorrow.


3.) I am focusing on the NEXT positive step.

  • The future holds nothing but endless potential.

  • There are FAR BETTER things ahead… than anything I  leave behind.


4.) I am PROUD to wear my truth.

  • How I SEE MYSELF means everything.

  • To be beautiful means to live confidently in MY OWN skin.


5.) I have a lot to smile about

  • Happiness IS NOT a result of getting something I do not have, but rather recognizing and APPRECIATING WHAT I DO HAVE.


6.) Make the BEST of if

  • Everything I go through Grows me.

  • Amazing things can happen when I least expect them.


7.) I am letting go of yesterday’s stress.

  • Leave behind the stress, the drama, and the worries.  Lay THAT DAY to rest.

  • Tomorrow is about hope, new possibilities, and the opportunity to make a better day.


8.) There is enough time today to do something I LOVE.

  • I will find happiness in doing the things I love.


9.) I am priceless in someone’s eyes.

  • focus on those who love and accept me for who I am, and shower them with the love and kindness they deserve.  Cherish the people who saw me when I was invisible to everyone else.


10.) It is NOT too late

  • No matter who I am, no matter what I did, no matter where I’ve come from I can ALWAYS change it and become a better version of myself.

*** This is what I read to myself twice (sometimes many) times a day to put my focus on what is important***

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